Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best and Brightest Disappear from Central Bureaucracy

More career bureaucrats are considering retirement or a change of jobs as they contemplate their future dealing with the idiocy of the Democratic Party of Japan's chosen ministers, vice ministers and officers.

The best and brightest are starting to leave the bureaucracy. They are despairing over the small-minded nitpicking of the three top DPJ members, who are showing too much interest in the work of the assistant managers when they should be looking after state affairs. The deteriorating state of politics is sucking the energy out of our national government employees.

I recently had a phone call from a former government worker. What he had to say surprised me. Here are his words:

"Once the Hatoyama Cabinet was formed, career bureaucrats whom we expected to be the next government leaders in Japan started resigning or making preparations for other work. The top appointees from the DPJ were abnormally fixated on trivial issues and had no interest in dealing with the current situation in the country. They seemed more concerned with the work of the section chiefs and chief clerks. Many of the bureaucrats lost their zeal for government work, saying it had become 'idiotic.' They started to leave in droves.
"Once the Hatoyama administration took over, more and more bureaucrats felt reluctant as the ministers, vice ministers and officers appointed by the DPJ harped on trivial matters. It's become a difficult matter to fix. The members of the DPJ seem to have no ambition as statesmen. They deal in the politics of the infantile. If we keep this up, Japan's future is dark."

The deterioration within the bureaucracy is frightening. The DPJ is crushing Japan from within. Japan is facing an unprecedented crisis. And as the DPJ came on the scene, it has dealt with the crisis like a bunch of children. The top political appointees at each ministry are fixated on sorting out issues at the section chief and chief clerk level. They've lost themselves in governmental trivia. In response, Japan's best and brightest government workers are calling it quits. Idiotic politicians are destroying a talented bureaucracy.