Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tahara Denies Saying 'Jews' behind Ozawa's Troubles

Did he or didn't he? TV Asahi anchorman Soichiro Tahara is saying he never said that the "Jews" were behind the downfall of former Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka and more recently opposition leader Ichiro Ozawa's aide. TV Asahi officials even made a trip to the Israeli embassy, says a source in Tokyo, and aired the program for officials there, explaining that Tahara had said, "yuzai" (guilty) not "yudaya" (Jewish). It seems the Simon Weisenthal Center has backed down for the time being.

Yet people I checked with who have seen the show say there is no mistaking that Tahara said "yudaya" when talking about how Ms. Tanaka fell from grace. Even in the context of the conversation, transcribed for me by a friend in Tokyo, the word "yuzai" makes no sense:

"Amerika to (yuzai/yudayajin) ni yarareta." Tanaka was done in by the Americans and the ... guilt? I don't think so.

Will this just blow over and Tahara dodge another bullet? Looks like it.