Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thoughts on the Election

The phrase "virtual reality" refers to a computer-generated image that is perceived as the real thing.

In the political world, we have an election that hasn't even occurred yet, the Democratic Party of Japan acting as if it has won a tremendous victory and the Liberal Democratic Party hanging its head in defeat. Excessive expectations surrounding the election and public opinion polls reporting an overwhelming lead for the DPJ have resulted in the false perception that the votes have been counted. Some members of the DPJ are as optimistic as politicians the day after an election victory.

Of course, there are some LDP candidates who are giving their all to win their seats. But it seems as if the LDP has abdicated its role as the top political party in Japan. A lot of LDP members think that the coalition with the New Komeito Party is no longer sustainable in the face of the rising popularity of the DPJ. Their spirit was crushed when they saw the voters further distance themselves from the LDP in the July 12 Tokyo assembly elections. It's as if they're content to wallow in memories of the good old days and avoid thinking about the hardships they face right now.

The smaller parties don't seem to have much energy either. These parties play a vital role. I'd like to see more spirit from the People's New Party, the Social Democratic Party and the Communists.

I've been worried by what I've seen recently. The LDP should reflect on its record and alter its traditional course to respond to today's reality. True reflection will result in a sincere confrontation of today's problems. The fringe parties need to save this election by mustering some energy in the final days.