Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trio of Political Leaders Put Yoke on Japanese Politics

The DPJ must shake loose of the Ozawa-Hatoyama-Kan era if it is to have a future; party members must liberate themselves, removing the three-layered scab and bringing about a generational revolution.

There's a problem with the mass media's take on the Democratic Party of Japan: It focuses solely on the activities of Kan, Ozawa and Hatoyama, and ignores the rest of the party. But at the same time, if the more than 400 members of the DPJ can't stand up to these three and muster some independent spirit, then the party's future is bleak. At this rate, the number of DPJ members serving in the lower house will be cut in half in the next election.

Now is the time for DPJ members to liberate themselves.

Once this extraordinary Diet session comes to an end, a politician with the will to lift up the Japanese people should run for the party's top post in the September vote. DPJ members, free yourselves from the shackles of this terrible trio. Pick away the three-layered scab and start a revolution.