Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Defend the Rights of Part-Timers, Seasonal Workers and Temps!

The economy has come to a scary place. Part-timers, seasonal workers and temps are suffering through an extremely cruel round of massive layoffs. Large corporations are dismissing these workers mercilessly, stopping their employment by not renewing their contracts.

Temporary workers are forming a union in response.

I would like to see strong support of this move. I, for one, will make every effort to support them. I've been very dissatisfied with the weak-kneed approach of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation. At the rate it is going, it won't be able to defend the rights of workers. Without a fight, no new avenues will open.

The confederation needs to reorganize around the local chapters of industrial unions. This would create a grass-roots base that could propel a unified protest of this massive unemployment.