Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Asian Gazette Calls Curing 'Explosive'

A recent blog post from foreign correspondent Joel J. Legendre praises Mr. Morita's first book in English, Curing Japan's America Addiction. He cites Mr. Morita's "courage" and calls the book "explosive."

PS This was posted by Bruce Rutledge of Chin Music Press, not Mr. Morita. If anyone has a clue how to change the name of the poster on these blogs, I'd appreciate the advice. We set up this blog to run Mr. Morita's commentary, but we also think it will be beneficial to link to what others are saying about him. And before you call me a Luddite for not being able to figure it out, I will say in my defense that I typed my senior thesis ("Alienation in The Nick Adams stories" or something like that) on an electric typewriter.