Thursday, January 8, 2009

Overcoming a Great Depression

Happy new year, dear readers.

I would like to make this a year of transition from unhappiness to hope. Our unhappiness will not continue indefinitely, I believe. Just as good times are not meant to last forever, times of hardship must come to an end.

What's most important for people is to maintain a sense of vision and a cooperative, open attitude. If we want to revive Japan, we must reconnect with our traditional ways and our Japanese spirit of compassion. Family, company, region and country -- the whole populace needs to cherish these basic groups if we are going to overcome this national crisis.

The government has a vital role to play. It needs to give its all if we are to escape a great depression. The government must mobilize all its financial and monetary might.

I believe that the opposition should avoid contentiousness and confrontation on issues where cooperation will help Japan rebuild itself. I call on Japan's politicians to make extraordinary efforts to respond to the country's anxious state. The people of Japan need to look forward and vigorously maintain their morale. They need to have a strong, critical spirit that can stand up to the government and the bureaucracy.