Thursday, April 23, 2009

Resist War & Keep the US at Arms' Length

If one were to say that we're on the verge of losing the peace, the speaker's claims would be written off as so much exaggeration. But it's no exaggeration. Peace is facing a crisis. War is approaching.

First and foremost is the war in Afghanistan. The Obama administration is calling for a reinforcement of troops stationed there. Every country that has invaded Afghanistan has left in defeat. If the US starts to wage war in earnest in Afghanistan, it will antagonize the whole of Islam.

The next hot spot is the area surrounding Israel, where an aggressive regime holds power. This is a dangerous situation.

The political powers in North Korea continue their provocative acts. If the US and other countries in the region become angry with North Korea, war could break out.

Also, dispatching Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Forces to the coast of Somalia to fight piracy is fraught with danger.

More danger lurks if the Self-Defense Forces are sent to Afghanistan. East Asia is upset at the instability fomented by North Korea. Whatever sacrifice we must make, we must also defend peace. Engaging in war is not an option.