Thursday, April 23, 2009

Responding to Criticism of My Article 9 Argument

Lately, I have been getting all sorts of responses to my opinions. Some people support my stances, while others attack them. I hope the discussion continues to be lively because lively debate helps democracy thrive.

I've received several letters recently that strongly criticize my defense of Article 9 of Japan's Constitution. "Without a strong military, we can't protect the peace," wrote one person. Another writer expressed a strong fear of China. Extreme fear of other countries is what leads to the thinking that Article 9 should be revised and that Japan must have a strong military to avoid falling apart.

These extreme thoughts are dangerous. I believe that Japan should proceed confidently down a path of peaceful economic development. This is the way to protect the peace. Developing a healthy economy and living as a peaceful country are the best ways to protect Japan.

Please don't hesitate to criticize my opinions. Let's have a vigorous debate on all fronts.