Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Appeal to the LDP and the DPJ

If premier Taro Aso really believes he can defend his status and the status of the prime minister by dissolving the lower house, his administration is headed for pandemonium. To avoid this fate, Aso needs to resign. If he decides to do otherwise, the political situation will become muddled and the populace will further distance itself from the Liberal Democratic Party, leading to its ruin. That is what I foresee. He should know that public sentiment is against him. I recommend that he quietly read the situation and act accordingly.

The more difficult case is that of Democratic Party of Japan leader Yukio Hatoyama. He was just chosen to lead the party about a month and a half ago in May. He ranked high in early public opinion polls. Yet there hasn't been another opinion poll since the most recent political fund scandal came to light. The DPJ is still under the illusion that Hatoyama is popular. A push for Hatoyama to step aside is not going to come from within the party.

There are DPJ supporters who sympathize with Hatoyama. But the funding scandal implicating him should not be brushed aside. At the very least, the person in charge of the funds in Hatoyama's office should be held legally liable. Hatoyama should not be allowed to avoid political and moral responsibility for this scandal either.

Hatoyama may be able to retain his leadership position. But is that really for the best? Hatoyama may even be able to lead his party to victory in the general elections. But it's a risky proposition. If this unique opportunity for political change is left up to Hatoyama, we could be left with nothing but regret. The only person who can do something about this now is Hatoyama himself. I am awaiting a bold decision from Hatoyama-san.