Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to Bid Adieu to Celebrity Governor Mania

The Liberal Democratic Party is being drained of its power at a rapid rate. It's becoming increasingly difficult to envision an LDP-New Komeito victory in the coming election.

The LDP has lost the trust of the nation because the ruling coalition policies have resulted in a worsening of the economy, a rapid rise in unemployment and a destruction of people's livelihoods. It's natural that the voters have become disgusted with the coalition.

Lately, people have quickened the pace at which they are separating from the ruling coalition. There are two direct reasons for this: One is that people are straying from Prime Minister Taro Aso. They've strayed because they no longer trust the party as it reshuffles the cabinet and changes its party executives. The other reason is that Aso turned to Governor Higashikokubaru for help.Turning to the former comedian in the middle of the term is a blatant ploy to boost the party's chances before the election; it's extreme folly to start talking about Higashikokubaru as the LDP candidate in the next election. The LDP is being played by a celebrity governor and held up for derision because of it. This is a pitiful state for a governing party to be in. At the root of this attempt to corral a celebrity governor is the LDP's bid to appeal to populist sentiment.

LDP, open your eyes!