Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The LDP Should Rally behind Party President Tanigaki

The Ozawa-Hatoyama government is the most despotic and irresponsible regime in Japan's postwar history. If it wins in the summer's upper house election, there will be no end to irresponsible government. Japan will be crushed. The onus for stopping this is on Tanigaki. If the LDP, Japan's No. 1 opposition party, is destroyed, it would be Japan's loss.

The main role of government is to avoid worst-case scenarios and keep the people safe from crises. The main crisis facing Japan today is the potential for a triumph of the Ozawa-Hatoyama government.
The Ozawa-Hatoyama-led Democratic Party of Japan pulled one over on the people last summer when it won the general election. However, just a half year into the administration, people are starting to realize the danger of this regime. In a Jiji Tsushinsha poll conducted in the first half of March, the Hatoyama administration's approval rating was 30%; those who disapproved totaled 48%. A Mainichi Shimbun poll conducted in early March elicited similar results. Asked whether they thought the first six months of the Hatoyama administration was a success, 31% said yes while 66% said no. Approval figures sank further after DPJ Deputy Secretary-General Ubukata was pushed out of his position for giving a speech criticizing Ozawa. The people are waking up to the idea that the political change they voted for last August 30 has resulted in the Revolution that Wasn't.
Meanwhile, Ichiro Ozawa, de facto ruler of Nagatacho, uses deception to destabilize the LDP. In Nagatacho, Ozawa is top dog. But in the rest of Japan, this government is like a candle flickering in a windstorm. This summer, we'll see whether this anti-Ozawa trend will grow or whether Ozawa will be able to muscle through with his anti-democratic government. We need to stop this despotic, irresponsible regime. I'm asking the Japanese people to see through the deception.
To do this, Tanigaki needs to lead a robust LDP. And the LDP needs to support its leader. There's a movement to splinter the party, but that bad idea needs to be put to rest. If certain party members can no longer endure under the LDP banner, they should resign as quickly as possible.