Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Politics is not a Game

A word about how Masuzoe, Yosano and Kunio Hatoyama are flirting with a new party: Get serious and unify behind Tanigaki, a sincere LDP leader

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan needs a return to seriousness. Politicians need sincerity. That's why the LDP should unify behind party President Sadakazu Tanigaki.
There's no persuasive power in the declaration made by Kaoru Yosano in the April edition of Bungei Shunju that a new political party should be formed. He talks of forming a new political party, but voices no political beliefs or policy stances. The only reason to create this party seems to be that Tanigaki didn't put forth policy in the Diet the way Yosano had proposed, so Yosano wants to form a new party to scare Tanigaki. Yosano can't suppress his personal ire. What a miserable story! Yosano's aim seems to be to improve his position within the party.
Masuzoe's story is the same: He talks of forming a new party without revealing any political beliefs or policy goals that would define that party. His only apparent reason is dissatisfaction with Tanigaki. From a distance, Masuzoe's maneuverings look just like Yosano's. They're both vying for position within the party.
While they rattle on about forming a new party, those in the know say there's another way to look at it: They're aim is to destroy the LDP from within. A very powerful member of the Democratic Party of Japan is working behind the scenes, this line of thought goes. This view is unexpectedly strong among some people and is believed in Nagatacho (the site of the Diet).
On March 15, Kunio Hatoyama left the LDP. People assumed he was setting up a new party. Hatoyama is a rich man, so money would not be an issue, but he doesn't have any beliefs or policies that he stands for. Many believe he's going to find himself all alone.
But after decades of working within the LDP, why do these men without exception have no desire to stay and rebuild the party? Tanigaki looks quite good when standing alongside Yosano, Masuzoe and Hatoyama. He quietly works very hard.
The movement among Hatoyama, Yosano, Masuzoe, Sonoda and others to form a new party gravely affects the serious members of the LDP. If the would-be defectors thought about the suffering they are causing their more serious party members, they wouldn't be able to go on making such a racket. These men have no empathy.