Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something We Shouldn't Forget or Forgive

The Kan Cabinet and the DPJ run from the Diet without convening budget committees in either house; justice for this political crime should be meted out by the voters in the July 11 election

The Kan Cabinet and the Democratic Party of Japan escaped parliamentary deliberations. Though they could have convened the budget committees of both houses, the cabinet and the party quashed any hopes for deliberation and fled. They pulled a fast one.

Parliamentary deliberations are for the people. It's an important way that a democracy gives voters the material they need to decide their votes.

It's criminal for Kan and the DPJ to eliminate debate just as we enter a crucial time where we're deciding who to vote for in the upper-house election. If we allows this sort of immoral politics, we invite chaos and unhappiness. We have to leave behind the politicians who choose to act immorally. There's no reason for the Diet to exist if we allow lawmakers and politics that don't show esteem for the institution. I want the power of the people to get behind the Diet, the most esteemed institution of our government. To do this, we must punish those who run from it.