Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why I Predict a Big Loss for the DPJ in the Upper House Vote

The Kan Cabinet is continuing the Hatoyama administration policy of ignoring Okinawa; will the citzenry support Kan's government anyway? Will the media?

Prime Minister Naoto Kan has shown that he will follow the lead of the Hatoyama administration when it comes to policy surrounding the Futenma military base. He's continuing to disregard Okinawa.

At the same time, opinion polls show high expectations for Kan. But something doesn't make sense. Support for former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama had slipped into the 10% range, while support for Kan -- espousing the same policies as his predecessor -- soars above 60%.
Are the Japanese people saying they are fine with the policy of disregarding Okinawa that both Hatoyama and Kan have followed?
The major media in Tokyo have turned into cheerleaders for Kan. For most of them, the main reason for this cheerleading is that Kan has vowed to turn away from Ichiro Ozawa. If he disregards Ozawa, will it be OK to disregard Okinawa too?
I'd like to pose a question to the national media and the voters who support Kan. Do you agree with the government's policy of disregarding Okinawa? There is danger in the national media supporting Kan as he vows to uphold the US-Japan joint communique and ignore the people of Okinawa. The people shouldn't trust the media as they praise Kan. We have to be careful of mass media types with political ambitions and a desire to push the populace in a certain direction.