Friday, January 28, 2011

I Protest Premier Kan's Declaration of Slavish Loyalty to the US

His foreign affairs speech on Jan. 20 was a declaration of subjugation; if he is going to turn his back on his party's manifesto from the last election, he should step down and hold another vote

Prime Minister Naoto Kan's foreign affairs speech on Jan. 20 in which he pledged loyalty to the US was a declaration of subjugation. There has never been a more disgraceful speech in Japan's history. It's as if Kan is asking the U.S. to save his faltering government. We didn't hear one sliver of a sense of independence or pride from Japan's political leader.

Watching Prime Minister Kan's sad dash to subjugate the country's diplomacy to the US makes former Prime Minister Hatoyama sparkle in comparison. You want to scream, "Go, Hatoyama, Go!"

Isn't the prime minister supposed to make efforts to boost our national spirits? Prime Minister Kan's recent actions seem like an imitation of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. In fact, Kan may even outdo Koizumi in his sycophantic stance toward the U.S.

To the lawmakers in the Democratic Party of Japan, I have this to say: Can you face up to Prime Minister Kan's betrayal?