Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Mortal Sin of the New Kan Cabinet

The lack of generational change results in a move backward to a cabinet of "me first" types

Why didn't Prime Minister Kan select any of the excellent young politicians this time? His new cabinet is filled with "me first" types. This new group is completely made up of egoists who've been clamoring for a certain position and who think only of themselves.

The Democratic Party of Japan has some Diet members who may not have served very long but have some dynamism to them. While these young people should have been selected and put to work, Kan avoided appointing any of them, with the exception of new Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano. But even Edano ran from responsibility after serving as DPJ secretary general during the party's most recent upper house election defeat.

The DPJ has very capable and diligent representatives in the lower house such as Osamu Fujimura, the acting secretary general, and Megumu Tsuji. The best way to revive Japan politically is to turn over the reins of power to this younger generation. Kan turned his back on that generation while remodeling his cabinet, and, frankly, that stinks.