Sunday, January 16, 2011

Premier Kan's 'Heisei Opening' is Nonsense

The Transpacific Partnership is essentially a US-Japan issue that makes permanent a system where the US dominates Japan's economy and sucks away the Japanese people's wealth; to bring more light on this, let's have the people of Japan debate the TPP

Prime Minister Naoto Kan has been pontificating about how the Transpacific Partnership represents the third opening after the Meiji Opening and the Occupation after World War II. Of course, this is ridiculous.

Japan is subservient to the US when it comes to not only diplomacy and the military, but economic matters as well. Japan is a vassal state of the US. It's essentially an American colony. Japan's government leaders, bureaucrats, economists, the mass media and the academia can't face this uncomfortable truth, so they continue to tell lies about how Japan is an independent country.

For Japan, the TPP is a bilateral issue with the US. The Kan government is clearly more willing to serve as lackeys to the US than even the Liberal Democratic Party governments were. The Kan government does whatever the US government asks without conditions. It's a government that can't say no. The TPP presents an international framework to further strengthen the US hold on Japan. Let's debate the TPP. I have been saying this because I want to have a discussion about the true essence of this "partnership." The Kan government is so sycophantic toward the US that it's as if the Koizumi government has been reborn. Kan's politics is just the return of Koizumi politics. Kan's Democratic Party of Japan has transformed into Koizumi's LDP. We can't afford to forget what this government is truly made of.